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Nestled in the lap of Kumaon Hills, the ‘City of Lakes’ has attracted travelers aplenty for a long time now. Famous for its scenic lakes and breathtaking location, it has emerged as one of the most popular tourist destinations for beating the North Indian heat.
Lined with several ancient temples, Nainital is a true beauty offering splendid views of the lovely peaks and stunning mountains. Home to the renowned hunter Mr. Jim Corbett, the city also offers several exciting activities like cave-exploring, boating, trekking, and horse-riding. With its magnificent lakes, exquisite temples, and a stunning landscape, Nainital is the perfect holiday getaway, offering an Arcadian haven away from the madness of city life.
Hotel booking in Nainital is a seamless experience with a variety of luxury resorts in Nainital to choose from. Because digital is the new way of life, online hotel booking makes the process that much easier. At the Keys Prima Aamari Resort, our guests are promised a truly exhilarating and refreshing stay in Nainital.
Keys Prima Aamari Resort is one of the leading resorts in Ramgarh, Nainital, exuding the same quiet charm that envelops the city. Among the best boutique hotels in Nainital, it is located on the pristine hills of Ramgarh, the same spot where Rabindranath Tagore penned the verses of the famous Geetanjali. Built over 72 acres, Keys Prima Aamari Resort is the largest resort in Nainital, with a private road stretching over 4 km. Overlooking the Himalayas, it offers a brush with luxury in the lap of lush greenery and gorgeous mountains.
The resort is tastefully designed, providing exceptional services and a diverse cuisine to choose from. While the guests stay at Keys Prima Aamari Resort, they have privilege of day visit to Nainital, Bhimtal & Mukteshar, all three are located at suitable distance of 25 Kms approx from the resort. With 25 luxurious rooms and a 3-bedroom private Skyvilla at the peak of the hill, Keys Prima Aamari Resort offers an unparalleled experience among luxury hotels in Ramgarh.
Among the several hotels in Nainital, it is the only resort equipped with an infinity pool. The pool is at a height of 7,800 feet above sea level, allowing the guests to relax while treating their eyes to the splendor of nature around them. Aamari Resort is also the only kids-friendly resort in Uttrakhand, offering a variety of indoor games and activities. For the older generation, yoga classes and therapeutic massages provide relaxation in the midst of nature. For those with an adventurous streak defining their lives, the resort offers activities such as trekking, adventure sports, bird watching, and jeep safari as well. The Nebessa Spa makes for the perfect setting to unwind in the lap of nature and float away from the stress of daily life. In short, Keys Prima Aamari Resort has something to offer for everyone.
So the next time you are looking to book a hotel in Ramgarh, Nainital, you know just the perfect place to enjoy an exquisite Himalayan vacation.