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Since the times of yore, humans have been bitten by the travel bug. Travelers like Marco Polo and Ibn-Battuta faced extreme hardships to satiate their desire to explore the unknown and learn about lands and cultures that they couldn’t even imagine existed.

Today though, travelling to new destinations is much easier. In fact, it is even more leisurely than it was a mere 4-5 years ago. This is mainly due to advancements in technology that have made the world smaller and more accessible than ever. Here are some of the technological advancements that have revolutionized travelling in recent years.

Booking services at your fingertips
Online Travel Technology
Before the advent of smartphones, you needed to go to a travel agency to book your hotels and travel tickets. But those days are now long gone. There is a wide range of booking services available on your smartphone today, using which you can buy train or airplane tickets, book a car, and also reserve a place to stay. Some websites also provide special offers and discounts so that your vacation is lighter on the purse strings.

The concept of place sharing has also caught on, introducing a new means of accommodation. Smartphone technology has helped cut out the middle man and has made the booking process simpler and cheaper so a greater number of people have the opportunity to travel and create new experiences for themselves.


Better financial services
Managing finances used to always be a challenge while travelling. Carrying heaps of currency and trying to find a foreign exchange in the country you were visiting was both troublesome and a security hazard. Travelers’ checks were also a bother as they wouldn’t be accepted everywhere and wasted a lot of time due to paperwork.

The universally accepted credit cards and forex cards have solved this conundrum. With these cards, there is no need to carry physical currency. If needed, you can always use the card to access ATM machines, which are now present on every street corner even in remote places. These cards offer a lot of flexibility during travelling. If you lose them, you can immediately have them cancelled or request your bank for a replacement.


Blogs and other Internet tools
Another revolutionary development in the realm of tourism is the explosion of travel blogs, online review sites, social media pages and websites that document travelling. These resources have opened a new world of opportunities and have helped people find new destinations and attractions. Online travel guides have transformed remote locations into tourist magnets and helped travelers gather new and exciting experiences.

These new technological developments have made it so much simpler to be a traveler. They have made travelling easier, safer, and more fun and have opened new frontiers to explore. So, set forth on your journey to experience the world!

29th Aug 17

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