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India is the land of the unexpected. Right when you think you have unraveled the many mysteries the country has to offer, she has a funny way of reminding you that it would take more than a few lifetimes to do so. With so many choices in terms of destinations and experiences, India is a lucrative marketplace for the luxury travel industry. This sector that seen tremendous growth over the past years.

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Here are some of the reasons luxury travel is skyrocketing in India.

Mélange of Experiences

From white sandy beaches to lofty mountains, and dry arid deserts to lush rainforests, India is a vast and varied canvas of natural treasures, which can suit any taste. This opens the market for a diverse variety of luxury travel settings, which the tourism industry is capitalizing upon.

Whether it is a luxury lodge in the foothills of the Himalayas, a beach side resort on the shores of the Arabian Sea, or a palace in the midst of the desert in Rajasthan, there is a wide variety of experiences that can be enjoyed in luxury.

In addition, the culinary experience in India is as diverse as the country itself, with a delicious repertoire of preparation techniques and presentation styles. Each place offers a uniquely immersive experience that will endear the traveler to the many charms of India.

The diversity in India’s beauty is the number one selling point the luxury market must offer tourists, both domestic and from around the globe.

Growing Economy

The Indian economy has been growing steadily. As is the case with a high-growth economy, the disposable income of people also increases, paving the way for luxury travel. The developments in facilities and infrastructure allow visitors from across the globe to experience their journey in utmost comfort, no matter which part of the country they choose to visit.

The current economic climate of the rupee weakening against the dollar has also led to an increase in luxury tourism domestically. Indians are now seeking extravagant experiences closer to home, as international travel has become more expensive. Conversely, influx of international tourists is also on the rise with the stronger foreign currency.

Extensive Travel Ecosystem

India already has a burgeoning hospitality industry, with dozens of other supporting facilities. There are roads, airports and train stations connecting all popular holiday destinations, as well as proficient tours and travels services to help tourists with their trip. The rise of the luxury market is a natural progression for the Indian travel industry.

According to experts, the luxury industry in India has the potential to reach a topline of $180 billion by 2025. The luxury service areas alone, are expected to grow 30-35% in the next 3 years. With a social trend in traveling, coupled with affordable luxury, and a generation empowered to enjoy the finer things in life, luxury travel is bound to grow immensely.

The sheer diversity with respect to people, climate, geography, food, and culture, is India’s ace-in-the-hole; its yet another reason(s) to go out there and live new experiences!

28th Sep 17

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