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Travel is different for each of us. For some it is the thirst of adventure or the unknown. For some, it is a means of escape. One thing we all have in common – travel makes us feel alive. Whether it’s the mountain or the beaches that call to you, we all seek that innate carefree nature of exploring new places and embracing new culture.

While travelling gives us bliss from the daily trudge, it also makes us vulnerable to what we call, ‘travelling sins’.

Most of us have been to that ‘trip of a lifetime,’ enjoying the sights and sceneries with great company. The refreshing environs leading you away from the hustle and bustle of daily existence. You start savouring each moment, only to realise that the trip will end imminently. It makes you in parts sad and angry; that you will not be stayingat this paradise forever.

While travelling leads us to new places, it also forces us to introspect. Remember going to that hill station, enveloped in peace and standing in a green paradise? Only to be overcome with envy of the ‘lucky localities’ who get to live here every day! Getting a job there is a solution, although a tad unrealistic.

Food is not important, said no one ever.  The best thing about going to places and learning different cultures is their exotic food. One delicious meal after the other and you end up being a glutton quite effortlessly. This you realise when reality catches up and says that you need to hit the gym. Hard.

Going for broke is not a motto to be followed when on a trip, and especially not while souvenir shopping. Whether it’s shopping or wanting to see as many places as you can in your itinerary, greed is prevalent and follows us on our holidays. We want to stay at the best places and have the best experiences, all of which come at a price.

Let’s face it, no one likes going back to routine after a fun holiday. It feels especially overwhelming when you have to get back to work the next day, but all you want to do is relax. It is tough to shake off the sloth within you and get back to life. Well, you can always overcome that by planning your next trip!

If travelling means committing these sins, then travel the world. The famous quote ‘The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page’ rings true. Beauty lies in disconnecting from rudimentary life, and feeling refreshed.

31st Aug 17


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