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Goa is best defined by one of my friends who is a popular lyricist in Bollywood by saying “Sometimes you want to elope and Goa is the best destination to do that”. Goa actually is beyond beaches, booze, seafood and hippies which are known by all over the world. It’s a place where you can start your new married life by being near to nature and ample time with your loved one. It’s a place where you can take your family, become kid along with your kid and reignite romance of your mundane married life by re-discovering your life. This is also a place where you can find freedom and space to quench your creative thrust and come out with some brilliant ideas too. All this is reflected strongly which you roam in Goa and find all kind of people enjoying being there.

Yes, it starts with beaches; the ones in North Goa are simply amazing and steal the show, Baga is one which tops the chart. The only advantage with South Goa beaches is that they are less crowded as most of the people mainly long stayers and charter crowd prefers to go to North Goa. From budget standpoint too, North Goa is preferred and house many mid-scale and affordable resorts and hotels than South Goa. Water sports on these beaches include Water Scooter, Scuba Diving and falling from Banana Boat.Water Scooters in Goa

Heading to the capital now, Panjim. Being in Panjim, you feel like having in time machine which takes you back in old times and you wonder whether it’s some vintage city of Europe or India. Panjim is known for its architectural magnificence. Churches, convents, museums, art galleries, government buildings, bungalows, and bakeries – every single building amazes you and you tend to carry these images for a lifetime.

Whether you are big time foodie or want to remain in high spirit or just want to isolate yourself in some lonely lane of forest, Goa offers something to everyone which is why this is the place which people visit again and again.I love Goa

This is a destination all your friends can envy of (if they are not coming along). You will also struggle with the choice of which photo to upload on Facebook and you will also feel loss of words while narrating your experience of Goa to your friends. It will remain in your mind and heart forever, it’s truly that magical. Go to Goa and Switch on your inner soul of happiness.

9th Aug 16

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