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It is no secret that Diwali is one of the most special celebrations for us Indians. It signifies the victory of light over darkness, the ultimate triumph of good over evil. This spirit of hope makes the world feel a little bit brighter and more colorful.

Though many of us would like to believe otherwise, bursting crackers is not the only way you can have fun during Diwali. Make the most of this radiant festival by trying out some of these activities:

Revamp Your Space

Cleaning up your space to prepare for the festivities is not a novel concept. Moving your furniture around a bit or changing your drapes and sheets goes a long way in giving your home a makeover.

Prepping your home for Diwali is also a great way for bonding with your family – have fun drawing rangoli patterns, or go old school and make handmade paper lanterns. Such activities bring that extra bit of Diwali cheer and magic to your space.

Give Back to the Society

This festival is about spreading happiness and the holiday spirit. We all love buying the best clothes and sharing gifts with our family. However, there is quite a bit of merit in the idea of being a little less self-indulgent and more generous this season.

Buy handcrafted items from NGOs and make good use of your holiday by volunteering for a cause. If you’re pressed for time, there are number of charities that facilitate online donations. Sharing your joy with the less privileged is one of the most satisfying and fulfilling gifts you can give yourself.

Happy Diwali

Gorge On Those Yummy Sweets and Snacks

Diwali is known for its wide variety of snacks and sweets, commonly known as Diwali faral. Besan and ravaladoos, karanji, chakli, sev, chivda, shakkarpare etc., there is no dearth of deliciousness here! Add to this a host of Indian dishes created especially for the occasion, and you have a feast on your hands.

So don’t hold back and indulge in the savory joy of these delicacies. A word of caution – be careful of where you are buying these from, as many of them come with artificial colors and way too much sugar.

Diwali Festival

Have a Radiant Diwali – Light those Diyas!

Steer away from those electric lights to illuminate your home. Opt for traditional earthen lamps, diyas and candles instead. Not only does this save electricity and money, but the ethereal glow of the flickering diyas also lends a mystical radiance to your home.

However, if electrical illumination is a must then opt for LED lights, as they use 80 per cent lesser energy and come in a variety of vibrant hues.

Travel to Experience Unique Celebrations

Considering how varied India’s culture is, it is a no-brainer that every festival has a different flavor depending on where you are. Plan a short trip with your family and friends to soak in the culture and festivities of different states.

Most major cities are noisy during Diwali, with errant crackers bursting everywhere, and loud speakers blaring in almost every neighborhood. If your idea of a festive holiday is to kick back and relax, get away from it all and enjoy the company of your family and loved ones in calmer destinations.

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