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Located on South Andaman Island, Port Blair is the capital of the strikingly beautiful Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Surrounded by azure waters and replete with unspoiled natural beauty, the islands are one of the most underrated vacation spots in India. Port Blair, with the only airport on the islands, acts as a gateway to the union territory.

Here’s why Port Blair should be at the top of your list the next time you plan a seaside vacation:

1. The pristine beaches
Andaman Sea Beaches

Port Blair itself has only one beach, but there are several options to choose from nearby. You can take a ferry from Phoenix Bay jetty or Haddo wharf and head off to one of the many neighboring islands. From Havelock to Neil island, these quaint destinations come complete with white sandy beaches and clear waters that will leave you at a loss for words. Take a long walk along the shore, or sit back and watch the sun set into the sea as you rediscover the meaning of serenity.

2. The history
Cellular Jail Port Blair

Amidst the lush greenery and soothing ocean breeze, Port Blair holds a treasure trove of historical importance. One of the most popular attractions is the Cellular jail, built during the British rule to imprison freedom fighters. A site that stood witness to many atrocities, it is sure to invoke volumes of emotions. Stay back for the light and sound show, depicting the country’s freedom struggle, that takes place in the evenings.

3. The culture

The rich heritage of the island territory is something its residents are proud of. In Port Blair, you will find a plethora of museums built around themes ranging from anthropology and agriculture to the wildlife and aquatic fauna. You can also visit the science center, or head across the bridge to Chatam saw mill, built during the 19th century. Located in around Port Blair, these hotspots of culture will add a touch of enrichment to your holiday.

4. The aquatic activities
Andaman Under Water Diving

For a destination that is surrounded by the sea, is it any surprise that it offers the best of water sports? Try a sea-walk to discover underwater wonders, go scuba diving to get up close and personal with the marine life, or skim over the sea’s surface in a glass-bottomed boat. Those looking for an adrenaline rush can also head over the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex for some jet skiing or parasailing, among other activities.

5. The food

Sea Food at Andaman

No holiday is complete without trying out the local fare, and at Port Blair, there is no shortage of places to do so. Head to one of the cities many restaurants where you can gorge on freshly caught fish, crabs, and lobsters. Whether you’re in the mood for some fine dining, or looking to grab a casual meal, you are sure to find it here. For the more conventional, Port Blair also boasts of restaurants that specialize in simple north and south Indian cuisine.

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17th Aug 17

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