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Have you ever lent your ear to the silent words that mountains speak? If you have, then you are one of the most fortunate souls in this mundane world. One of the best places to experience this feeling is Nainital, a popular tourist destination.

Plan a quick getaway to Nainital the next time a long weekend rolls around. Here are a few cool things you can do:
Lake City Nainital
1. Visit the lakes

A trip to Nainital would be incomplete without a visit to its unique lakes. There is Khurpatal, named for its hoof-shaped appearance, Naukuchiyatal, the lake with nine corners, and Bhimtal, with a small island in the middle. Each of these lakes, located close to each other, is a spectacular sight that can effectively soothe your exhausted nerves.

2. Shop at the Tibetan market

Located at the extreme end of the Flatts and in the shape of an ‘L’, this is the ‘place-to-be’ if you’re looking for some good deals. Hunt through the offerings for some of the trendiest clothes, like jackets and t-shirts, or just soak in the ambiance of a happening marketplace. Don’t forget to bargain!Tibetan Market

3. Visit the Governor’s house

The sprawling Governor’s House in Nainital is one of the British architectural marvels that you cannot miss. Built in 1900, the beautiful structure that resembles the Buckingham Palace is a must-visit for anyone who’s interested in the Gothic style of architecture.

 4. Trek to Cheena Peak

Cheena Peak, also known as Naina Peak, is the highest peak in Nainital. This is why it is also a popular trekking destination. As you trek to the peak, you would be passing through the dense Deodar, Pine, and Cypress forest, and find rhododendron flowers blooming across your path.

 5. Eco Cave Garden

Built for different animals, these caves have interesting names such as tiger cave, bats cave, squirrel cave, panther cave, flying fox cave and even apes cave. Children can experience Himalayan wildlife by exploring these caves. They are artificially lit by petroleum lamps, and even have a musical fountain.

 6. Take in the Sunset at Hanuman Grahi

Sunsets in Nainital are different because the sun doesn’t go down, it simply disappears. The best place to watch the sun disappear is at Hanuman Grahi, located about 3 kms from the city of Nainital. It would be best to reach an hour before the sunset to secure a good spot.

7. Relax at Kilbury and Pangot

If you are not in the mood for adventure and just want to have a lazy holiday, then Kilbury and Pangot are the places for you. Away from the crowds, they provide some much-needed tranquility. Thronged by 500 species of birds, these destinations are also ideal for bird-watching.

 8. Visit the Corbett National Park

A visit to Nainital can never wrap up without stopping at the oldest national park in India, located 65 kms away. Experience the adrenaline rush as you get up close to the wildlife with safari rides on jeeps, canters and even on elephant back.

 Tiger at Jim Corbett National Park

 9. Eat at Sonam’s

You cannot miss the unique experience of having lip smacking momos in the narrow lane of the Tibetan Market. You can choose to have them dry, or with soupy thupka. The authentic treats would definitely be one amongst the most cherished memories you take back home.

 10. Go on a boat ride

The beautiful lakes amidst the serene atmosphere are heavenly and perfect for the fulfilling experience of rowing a boat. Most of the lakes in Nainital have provisions for row boats. You can soak in the mesmerizing beauty and take home a bagful of memories.

Boat Ride Nainital


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16th Aug 17

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