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It is big challenge to be watchful of your diet while traveling. While local delicacies might be heavily tempting, to begin with, the problem is further compounded by lack of availability of healthy food, fit for diabetics.

Planning trips, hence, becomes a task for diabetics. Thus, we at Keys Hotel ensure that all their dietary needs are met, with no compromise on taste and flavor!

High on Nutrients, Low on Calories

High on Nutrients, Low on Calories

We provide a special menu for those who need to keep an l eye on their diet. This menu has been crafted in such a way that you are provided with finely made well-balanced meals – meals which are high in nutrients and are low on calorie content!

During mealtimes, we offer you porridges, salads with low-calorie dressings and garden-fresh vegetable juice along with your other meals. Prepared with love and attention, they are meant to refresh and energize.

We have come up with our very own, sugar-free bakery dishes. Made from healthy ingredients, these snacks will surely comfort your cravings, while keeping you healthy.

Special Treats

Ragi Dosa


Our hotels in Southern India also provide the nourishing ragi dosa. Ragi (finger millet) flour is extremely nutritious and helps in controlling diabetes, while improves bone strength.  These dosas provide a delectable taste of the south and invigorate your system at the same time!

It is understandable, there are times when you would wish to have something normal, like a sizzling paratha. This is why, we offer you a special, customized meal as well – wherein you can specify your preferences regarding the ingredients and we will provide you with a perfectly healthy yet delicious meal!

We, at Keys Hotel, consider your health and well-being to be of primal importance. As a home away from home, renowned for our excellent hospitality, we would like you to not only have a comfortable and pleasant stay, but we also wish for you to stay in the pink of your health.

If you have any particular dietary requirement, we recommend you notify us at the time of reservation. To know more, kindly get in touch with us

12th May 16


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