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The comfortable feeling of tucking into a home-cooked meal is difficult to match. Very few things can bring the same joy as relishing the flavours you grew up with. Those irresistible spices, mouth-watering gravies, light phulkas and yummy desserts, all prepared by loving hands; the very thought is enough to make your tummy growl. Sadly, the food you are forced to eat while away from home rarely comes close to replicating that feeling of contentment.

Fret no more! We have you covered. Presenting Ghar ka Swaad, meals specially designed to bring you the beloved taste of home. Crafted with tender loving care, the sumptuous dishes are sure to make you feel like you’re back at your dining table, with the added bonus of not having to chip in with the dishes, after.

With a dedicated menu for breakfast, round-the-clock bar snacks and a la carte, it is a treat for all. Ghar ka Swaad uses simple household ingredients, to prepare food in a style that will remind you of succulent home-cooked meals.
Indian Cuisine

What’s on the menu?

To begin your culinary journey, you have a refreshing appetizer of salad. Moving on to the mains, you get what is the most sought-after comfort food ever, dal with steamed rice. Accompanying that are rotis with a vegetable dish, so you are well taken care of. You also get a mouth-watering gravy, to spice things up. Carnivores can choose between a non-vegetarian gravy and a fried item. Completing the toothsome feast are papad, pickles and lots of cool yoghurt.

Oh wait, is something missing? Let us not forget that dessert to sweeten the deal.

Why do I feel like I am back home?

Quite simply put, it’s because we love food. What better way to share this love, than by pouring it into our culinary creations? When you bite into a Ghar ka Swaad meal, you can be sure it was prepared with the highest attention to detail.

Our chefs love to cook food that they would like to eat, themselves. And who doesn’t miss home food? With their professional expertise, and a whole lot of love going into every preparation, you will be reminded of home.
Indian Food

What’s so unique about us?

Consistency is key. Ghar ka Swaad meals taste the same at Keys Hotels across the country. Home away from home, indeed.

We also like to make sure your meals are personalised to suit your needs. Need something to be a little spicier, or less salty? Let us know and we will prepare it according to your preference.

So the next time you are craving something delicious yet filling, come home to us.

24th Aug 17

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