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There are many reasons to travel to Dadra and Nagar Haveli. Exploring the natural beauty is definitely one of them, awesome food is another. Located between Gujarat and Maharashtra, the Union Territory boasts of a unique combination of historical ruins, beautiful tribal culture and mouth-watering food. With so much to look forward to, this place is certain to beguile every avid traveler.

Dominated by pulses and vegetables like wild mushrooms and bamboo shoots, the local tribal cuisine of this region is sure to pamper your taste buds. Served mainly with rotis prepared from the flour of jowar, raagi or rice, these savory vegetarian treats are a must-try on your visit to Dadra and Nagar Haveli.

Lentils, kadhi and sweet dal are other specialties of tribal cuisine here which you simply cannot miss out on. They are served with a side of sweet pickle or green chutney made from the leaves of raw mangoes, Ajoola leaves, Karanda berries and other aromatic herbs. These simple and nutritious dishes are certain to leave you asking for more.Vegetarian Gujarati Derivative

Vegetarian Gujarati derivative

One can see a lot of Gujarati influences in the local cuisine. For instance, Ubadiyu, a popular winter preparation closely resembles the famous Gujarati dish Undhiyu. It is made with a mixture of green vegetables like potatoes, yams, beans and herbs. These are cooked in earthen pots over wood fires for that authentic smoky flavor. A glass of buttermilk with a dash of turmeric is often served with this delectable dish.Fresh Catch From Rivers

Fresh catch from rivers

Apart from delicious vegetarian fare, the region is also popular for its non-vegetarian dishes, especially the seafood preparations. These scrumptious dishes are made from freshwater fish, particularly carp (common varieties include rohu, katla and mrigal). Caught from the many winding rivers that flow through the region, the fish are cooked and served almost immediately to retain their juiciness and fresh flavors. If seafood is something that makes you go weak in the knees, then you have arrived at the right place.A Crabby Affair

A crabby affair

The sweet meat of crabs is also enjoyed by many in the territory. The wild crustaceans, hunted at night by the light of makeshift wooden torches, are used to prepare several tasty dishes. These delicacies perfectly complement the raw and rustic culture of this region, and are best enjoyed with Tami, the locally brewed liquor that is quite popular within the tribal community.

If you wish to take your taste buds on a tribal-cuisine journey, do visit Dadra and Nagar Haveli. A paradise for food lovers, it is perfect for an overnight stay with your family or friends. Enjoy the culinary wonders of the region with Keys Select Ras Resort, Silvassa.

3rd Nov 16

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