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My younger son is a great swimmer. His love affair with swimming started when we took him to a pool. He was just 4 years old and started out scared, clinging to his mother in the baby pool while wearing a float on his back. Soon enough, he grew more and more comfortable making his own forays around the baby pool.

Under his swimming coach, he grew by leaps and bounds, quickly throwing off the protective floats and swiftly graduating to the adult swimming pool. He was truly gifted, swimming in the pool like a Marlin in the sea. His coach could not praise him enough for his hunger and enthusiasm to learn more and swim faster.

Swimming Pool

Today was the fateful day, for all his efforts and training to come to fruition. It was the inter-school swim championship and my son was spearheading his school’s involvement as the captain of the swim team.

I, along with parents of the other children of the swim team, were sitting in the bleachers ready to cheer them on. The silence of anticipation spread across the pool as the children took their places. Everyone silently waiting for the event to start, as the referee put the starting gun in the air.

A bang! And the children were in the water, limbs flailing, water splashing, and the audience cheering as they swam their way to glory which waited at the far-side of the pool.

I shouted myself hoarse as my son took a narrow lead midway and at the frenzied end, as the cheers of the supporters reached their crescendo, I saw my son touch the ledge of the swimming pool first, leaping out of the pool like a dolphin and running to celebrate with his team.

I was ecstatic at my son’s victory, his team too had done well and won many medals, so to celebrate I called the whole team home. I had the perfect recipe in my mind for the boys and girls celebrating in the hall. I took out my skillet, put in some butter and some brown sugar, and cut up some bananas. I was going to make them a tasty and refreshing Caramelized Banana and Chocolate Smoothie.

The bananas were put on the skillet till they caramelized into the golden-brown color of my medals my son and his team had won today. Then, the caramelized bananas went into the blender along with a dollop of ice-cream, some rich and smooth chocolate sauce, some fresh milk to get some strength back into the kids and some ice to refresh them.

Healthly Food

Once blended into a smooth mixture. I poured the smoothie into glasses topping each one with another scoop of vanilla ice cream, some chocolate chips and slices of caramelized bananas.

The children jumped on the glasses of the delicious smoothie and at the taste of their first sip, their eyes lit up with the rich taste of the smoothie. The delightful sweetness of the caramelized bananas and delectable chocolate, rejuvenating their tired bodies. To them, this was the taste of victory, and it was well-deserved.

25th Oct 16

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