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As we journey through life, we interact with so many things and people, that we sometimes forget ourselves. In an attempt to rediscover my original self, I chose a weekend gateway to Visakhapatnam during the monsoon season. The hills and beaches that come alive in the rains were a welcome respite from my mundane routine.

The Sea And Me
Trip to Visakhapatnam

To kickstart the holiday, I journeyed to Beach road. The long stretch is dotted with several beaches. Ramakrishna Beach and Rushikonda Beach are some of the most notable ones. The sky was overcast, and a light drizzle played on my skin. Prepared for the rains, I chose a simple cotton outfit along with slippers that let me easily shake off the sand. My phone and other valuables were tucked in a plastic pouch to keep them safe from the sand and water.

With an umbrella in hand, I walked barefoot on the golden sand. It seemed to melt away below my feet, as the waves crashed along the shoreline. The golden beach, wild waves, and dark sky created a stunning color block look. As I watched the rains merge into the sea, and the waves rise and fall in their own rhythm, I was bound in the space of solitude.

The Serenity Of The Hills
Holiday in Visakhapatnam

After a refreshing time spent exploring the beaches, I decided to meander towards to hills. Kailasagiri, a hilltop park in the city, was my next magical choice for a walk through the rain-washed foliage. A no-plastic zone, its lush vegetation exuded a unique fragrance, as I took in the rolling greenery. The hill, at a height of 360 feet (110 m), overlooks the forests, beaches, and the city of Visakhapatnam.

The next day I made my way to Araku Valley, another hill station, located 114 kms away from the city. The beautiful valley is surrounded by stunning mountain ranges like Galikonda, Sunkarimetta, Raktakonda, And Chitamogondi. It is famous for its coffee plantations and is home to the coffee brand ‘Araku Emerald’.

Food Fit For Royalty
Pesarattu Dosa

It was not just the sights that captivated me. The fresh seafood, both fried and in curry form, was a treat to the taste buds. I also particularly enjoyed the regional favorite, bamboo chicken, cooked, as the name suggests, in shoots of bamboo with no oil.

Along with this, I tried Pesarattu, a local dosa made with semolina and onion fillings that left me yearning for more. I feasted on hot Pongal, molten chocolate balls and steaming cups of coffee. A word of advice though, traditional Andhra cuisine can be quite spicy.

This short but memorable trip allowed me to disentangle the knots of doubts and confusion. As I came back to daily life, I did so with a sense of inner calm and harmony.

You too can discover yourself with an enriching holiday in Vishakhapatnam with Keys Hotel.

10th Aug 17

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