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Goa can be considered the thread that holds all of us together with its intoxicating aura of relaxation and fun. Most people plan their trip to Goa during what is called the ‘season-time’ and indulging in the yuletide and New Year spirit is what they look forward to. But did you know that Goa can be enjoyable and actually more relaxing during the summers? Whether it is a family trip or a plan with friends, we list out why Goa should be on your list for the summer getaway.


The Beach Mongers

Relaxing Benches

There are travelers for whom Goa starts and ends with beaches. For such enthusiasts, summer season is the best time to explore Goa. With fewer tourists around, you will be able to hog the beach almost to yourself. Put up the beach umbrella and laze around with your favorite book. Lounging on the beach chairs, you will also have unrestricted view of the sea.

Must-visit:Palolem beach, Baga beach, and Benaulim beach.


The Adventurers

Para Gliding in Goa

Don’t let the summers dampen the spirit of the sports enthusiast in you. Reach new heights while para-sailing that costs much less during the ‘off-season.’ You could also take a calming backwater cruise along the mangrove-lined banks of the Mandovi River. There are boat operators who offer rides to spot crocodiles lazing on the banks, soaking in the sun. It provides for a great learning as well as camera experience.


For the Foodie in You

Spice Plantation in Goa

With almost half the time devoted to partying when the visit is made during the season time, most people forget about the spice plantations that dot this coastal state. These spice plantations are in Central Goa as well as the eastern districts of Goa. A tour to the spice plantations is a relaxing way to connect with nature; you get to learn about the organic and traditional growing methods for spices, herbs, as well as the special talent of plucking betel nuts.

Most of the plantations also have the option of feasting on authentic local cuisine with the traditional feel.

Must try: Prawn balchao, Sorpotel, Bebinca.


Shop Till You Shop Some More

Street Shopping in Goa

What better way to increase your luggage and not even feel guilty about it than by exploring the cheap markets in Goa. The flea markets are a regular occurrence, where you can get a range of stuff, from handmade clothing and accessories to designer artifacts for your home decoration. During the summers, the goods are sold at such cheap rates that you won’t even have to haggle about the prices. But there is no need to worry about the quality of the items; it remains as good as always.

Must Visit: Mapusa Market, Anjuna Flea Market, Saturday Night Bazaar


Late Night Meanderings

Party in Goa


Summers never dampen the lively spirit of the parties which are a much needed recreation in the night. The best part of these parties is that the entry prices are much cheaper than during the season time. So the money that is leftover from the excessive shopping, you can always splurge it on the various DJ as well as pool parties.

Must Visit: Tito’s Night Club (walking distance from Keys Select Ronil Resort), Cohiba, Club Cabana.


Budget Friendly

The most important reason to plan a summer trip to Goa is that you can do it without feeling a prolonged pinch in your pockets. Because summers are not the tourist season, everything comes for cheap here, from the delicious seafood and water sports, to the hotel stay.

Did You Know: Goa is the richest state in India based on per-capita income.

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10th May 16

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