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So it’s finally happened. After all that time spent deliberating, and fielding questions from pesky relatives, you’re engaged! Once the initial jubilation wears off a little, you realize that you are now faced with months of preparation. From endless shopping to sampling menu after menu, the challenge has just begun. It all begins with choosing a venue.

One of the biggest wedding trends currently is that of destination weddings. Bollywood has shown us picture-perfect weddings happening in beautiful locales, giving us major goals. A destination wedding gives you the opportunity to travel with your dear ones, take in some exotic culture, and let your hair down to stunning backdrops.

However, considering how expensive weddings already are, opting for international locations can burn a huge hole in your pocket. A more economical choice would be to choose a destination closer to home. Mahabaleshwar is one such location ideal for a beautiful wedding. Here’s why:
Destination Wedding Mahabaleshwar

Easy to Access

You don’t have to worry about complicated travel arrangements or frazzled guests who end up losing their way. Located close to Mumbai and Pune, Mahabaleshwar is quite well-connected. You can choose to complete your last minute wedding shopping at one of these cities and then make your way to the hillside.

The drive down takes a maximum of 4-5 hours, making for a fun (and scenic) pre-wedding road trip. You will also find a number of buses plying from both cities. For those who would be flying in, Pune airport, 120 KM away, is ideal. If train journeys are your thing, then hop off at Satara station, 55 KM away.

Perfect Wedding Weather

Wedding Ceremony

No matter what time of the year you choose to get married, you can be assured of beautiful weather at Mahabaleshwar. Its location in the western ghats means the climate is cool and pleasant, with bursts of rain. The low temperatures let you comfortably flaunt your heavy wedding attire, without having to worry about possible heat strokes! Be warned though, the rainfall intensifies between July and September, so make sure you plan your ceremonies indoors (though this is the perfect opportunity for romantic photoshoots).

An added bonus is that the climate is just right for the cultivation of berries. Available all year long, Mahabaleshwar’s famous strawberries are the perfect way to incorporate some local flavor into your wedding menu. Baskets of strawberries also make adorable, and unique, wedding favors (be sure to check for allergies first).

Scenic Beauty and Fun Attractions

Apart from being a treat for sore eyes, the hilly landscape of Mahabaleshwar also makes for some breath-taking wedding photos. The lap of nature at Venna Lake, Elephant’s Head Point or Lingmala Waterfall, present wonderful opportunities for a wedding photo-opIf your theme is on the regal side, you have Pratapgarh Fort and Morarji Castle. For a more spiritual touch, you can choose from the many beautiful temples.

In addition, Mahabaleshwar offers several tourist attractions, which makes it a breeze to plan a post-reception outing. Enjoy a yummy day at Mapro garden and chocolate factory, unwind at Velocity Entertainmentz amusement park, or go check out the tallest cactus in India. With so much to take in, your guests are sure to remember your wedding for a long time to come.

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25th Oct 17

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