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Grey clouds flitting across the horizon, the lovely smell of damp earth, lush flora all around; the monsoons transform Kerala into a magical and beautifully romantic setting. God’s own country is the perfect destination to head to, if complete rejuvenation is what you’re seeking.

Did You Know: Monsoon hits the state of Kerala twice? Kerala first receives southwest monsoon in the month of June and later receives northeast monsoon around mid-October.

Ayurveda and Monsoons

Ayurveda and Monsoons- What’s the Connection?

The period from mid-June to mid-August is considered the best to counter monsoon diseases. This is when Ayurvedic treatments display an enhanced healing touch. The moist, cool and dust-free atmosphere you find during the rains makes the therapy more effective. Besides, an Ayurvedic massage tends to feel more relaxing when you’re gazing at the vast expanse of rain-soaked greenery.

Ayurvedic Treatments

Out of the numerous treatments, you can avail of, Panchakarma rejuvenation is a must-try. It is a cleansing and restoring program for the complete body, dealing with your physical and mental health. Give it a go and watch the negative effects of daily living fade away like magic. The therapy helps you retrieve your natural state of health and wellness. Just what the doctor ordered after all those long days spent toiling.

Why Kerala?

From dedicated resorts and wellness centres to ayurvedic house-boats, Kerala has plenty of options for you to choose from, based on your budget and convenience. The people of Kerala are well-versed when it comes to rejuvenation techniques, and they are more than happy to show off their skills.

Resorts and Wellness Centres to Ayurvedic House-Boats

What makes Kerala such an enticing Ayurvedic destination is the abundance of Vaidyas. These Ayurvedic physicians have the benefit of wisdom passed down through generations. Rest assured that you are in the best of hands.

Since no holiday is complete without trying local delicacies, make sure you put “Karkidaka Kanji” on your list. This Ayurvedic dish is made of special herbs, rice and lentils. It is said to improve the overall health and boost your immunity. There are also a variety of dishes that celebrate the nuts and spices Kerala is so famous for.

So, the next time you’re in the market for some R-and-R, you know where to go.

6th Aug 16

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