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Jaipur, or the Pink City, is an exquisite place for those who love architecture, the mysteries of a bygone era, and beautiful landscapes. It transports you to the rich heritage of Indian monarchy. So why not take a break from your routine and plan a trip to this enigmatic city? Here are few of the sights you can take in while you’re there:Jaipur Travel Tips

The brilliance of Indian heritage architecture is quite evident when you see the Hawa Mahal. Its beauty will enthrall you to explore more.Hawa Mahal - Attraction Jaipur

Built by the poet-king Sawai Pratap Singh, it enabled the women in the palace to observe street festivals and view the city without being seen – as per the ancient purdah system. Constructed with red and pink sandstone, it sports an impeccably regal exterior.

  • Jaigarh Fort

Nestled amidst the Aravalli range, this fort showcases stunning architecture and rich history. Jaigarh Fort with its thick red stone walls, stretches 3 kilometers in the north-south direction. It is colloquially called as Cheel ka Teela or the Hill of Eagles.Jaigarh Fort - Attraction Jaipur

Built in 1726 by Jai Singh II to protect Amber Fort, it is the strongest of the three Jaipur Forts. It is connected to Amer fort by subterranean passages. The palace complex also features an armory, museum and the popular Jaivana – which was once the largest cannon on wheels. Jaigarh Fort is not only a treasured heritage architecture it also offers breath-taking panoramic views.

  • Jal Mahal

The view of Jal Mahal shining radiantly against the pitch-black sky is exhilarating to watch. Post an 18th century revamp by Maharaja Jai Singh II of Amber, the palace was bestowed a stunning visage.Jal Mahal - Attraction Jaipur

The exquisitely designed hallways lead you to the palace premises and to the charming Chameli Bagh. Its vantage point gives you a magnificent view of the Nahargarh hills. The reserve forest area surrounding the lake catchment features rich flora and fauna. It is home to deer, jungle cat, and striped hyena. You might even get lucky and spot a leopard.

Chokhi Dhani

Herein lies the beauty of escaping our normal lives and experiencing a new culture organically. Just a few minutes away from the city, you will find Choki Dhani, an ethnic Rajasthani village that embraces the vibrant culture of the region. It leads visitors a rich experience of a real village, including their food and tradition.Chokhi Dhani - Attraction Jaipur

You can also indulge in live entertainment such as puppet shows, folk dance and music show, and a fire act. The history buff in you will love the re-enactment of the epic 1576 Haldighati battle; wherein Rana Pratap exuded immense courage and strength by winning against an 80,000 strong Mughal army with only 20,000 Rajput men.

  • Cycling Tour

Jaipur is home to various cycle tours, which introduces you to the marvels of the Pink City. The adventure seekers and fitness buffs won’t miss a thing while on holiday!Cycling Tour in Jaipur

The various groups arrange tours could be taken to explore the beloved expense by cycling. Pedal to experience the ancient monuments, decorated streets steeped in history and indulgent tasting of scrumptious regional cuisines. The cycle tours let you acquaint yourself with Jaipur on a personal level that would be amiss by any other mode.

How to Get There: Jaipur International Airport – all major airlines operate to and from Jaipur.

Jaipur Junction Railway Station – headquarters of the North Western Railway Zone.

Jaipur is also well connected by the road network and is 268 kms from New Delhi.

Where to Stay: Enjoy the flamboyance and old world charm of the historic ‘Pink City’ with Keys Lite Om Niwas.

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