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At the stroke of midnight on August 15 1947, our tryst with destiny was fulfilled as India finally became independent from British rule. The sweat and blood of thousands of freedom fighters came to fruition as India became a sovereign nation. Today, 69 years on the tributes to the struggle still remain scattered around Indian cities. Here are 5 Indian cities of historical importance that will ignite the patriot in you.

New Delhi

The capital city of India, New Delhi is home to dozens of historical landmarks of India’s rich history. The city served as the ancient pan-Indian empires such as the Delhi Sultanate and for a limited time the Mughal Empire.

India Gate - Attraction New Delhi


New Delhi boasts of many British era monuments such as the India Gate for Indian army soldiers who lost their life in the First World War and the Third Afghan World. The Red Fort, built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan is the place where Jawaharlal Nehru gave his famous speech in 1947 and is till this day where the Prime Minister hoists the Tricolor.

How to Reach: You can easily reach the city via the Indira Gandhi International Airport and also via trains to New Delhi Railway Station. It is also well-connected by a network of roads and highway.


Mumbai is the financial capital of India and has deep connections to the Indian Independence Movement. It was one of the main bastions of British Power but was also central to Indian Independence Movement.

Gateway of India - Attraction Mumbai

Mumbai was the birthplace of the Indian National Congress which held its first session in the city in 1885. It boasts of historic monuments like the Gateway of India and other British-era buildings.

How to Reach: The city is easily accessible via airplane to Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport. It can also be reached by trains to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminals as well as a network of roads.


Nagpur is located in geographical center of India and was also central in the Indian Independence Movement. It was the place where Sardar Vallabhai Patel started the Flag Satyagraha when the Tricolor was carried out in procession. The Nagpur session of the Indian National Congress in 1920 was the launch of the Non-Cooperation Movement. There are a number of historic sites to visit in Nagpur such as the Sitabuldi fort made in 1757, the same year the British extended their empire all over India.


How to Reach: The city is well-connected by air, to Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport as well as by trains to Nagpur Junction Stations.


Bengaluru is the State Capital of Karnataka. It is a large modern metropolitan city today and was one of the strongholds of Tipu Sultan of Mysore. It one of the last bastions of an indigenous rule before the British defeated Tipu Sultan to establish the Mysore Presidency of which Bengaluru was the capital from 1804.Bangalore Fort and the Bangalore Palace

The city has abundant historic architecture like the Bangalore Fort and the Bangalore Palace which was modeled after the Windsor Castle featuring Tudor architecture.

How to Reach: You can reach Bengaluru by air to Kempegowda International Airport. You can also reach via train through the Bengaluru City Junction.


Chennai is the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, it was the first major English settlement on the Indian Subcontinent, wherein they built the Fort St. George. During the Indian Independence Movement, Chennai was the epicenter of the Simon Commission Movement where numerous people marched with black flags chanting “Simon go back!”

Chettinad Palace and Victoria Public HallThe Chennai cityscape is dotted with British-era tourist attractions such as the Santhome Basilica, the Chettinad Palace and Victoria Public Hall to name a few.

How to Reach: Chennai can be reached by plane via Chennai International Airport. You can also reach it by rail through Chennai Central Station.

You can now enjoy the historical magnificence of these cities as you have the Key. Explore stay options at various locations in the lap of luxury of Keys Hotels.

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